Key health messages and where to seek further information

Healthy eating

A healthy diet should include a range of healthy foods to give you the energy you need to work, exercise and enjoy life. It does not mean giving up the foods you love, but it does mean being aware of the recommended intake of some foods.

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Physical activity

Being physically active and limiting your sedentary behaviour every day is essential for your health and well-being. By moving more and sitting less, you can reduce the risk of developing certain conditions or diseases including cardiovascular disease, diabetes and some cancers, as well as promoting quality of life and a sense of wellbeing.

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Alcohol consumption

Alcohol is the most widely used social drug in Australia.  Many people enjoy an alcoholic drink socially, with a meal or to celebrate an important event.  It is important to distinguish between enjoyment of an occasional drink or two and excessive drinking. Read more

Tobacco use

Tobacco smoking is the largest cause of preventable illnesses and death in Australia.  Smoking causes a range of cancers, as well as heart disease, stroke and emphysema.

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