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What is involved in participating in the Health Promoting Practices Evaluation?

Health Promoting Practices is currently being piloted in selected dental and physiotherapy practices. The Project is enrolling patients from these clinics to help evaluate the success of the Health Promoting Practices framework by asking them to complete the Health Self-Assessment questionnaire and an additional survey when they are first introduced to the Project, and again six months later.

The survey data will help identify whether or not patients were interested in talking about healthy lifestyles with their health professionals and whether or not these discussions helped patients to seek further information and make healthy lifestyle changes.

Dentists and physiotherapists will also be surveyed to determine their level of knowledge in the four key areas of healthy eating, physical activity, alcohol consumption and tobacco use and their experiences in discussing these four areas with their patients.

The findings from this study will be published. However, the information will be presented in reports in a manner that would not allow any individual or practice to be identified by the readers.