• Professionals & Staff  Promoting Healthy lifestyle choices in the clinic

Upon arriving at the clinic, patients are asked to complete a short Health Self-Assessment questionnaire prior to entering the consultation.

The completed Health Self-Assessment will assist practitioners in identifying and discussing key health messages with each patient and referring onto other health professionals, as appropriate, or referring patients to the Health Promoting Practices website for further information.

Four healthy lifestyle key messages are promoted: to engage in healthy eating, physical activity, limit alcohol consumption and quit smoking. For further information on promoting healthy lifestyle choices in your clinic see “Key health messages” for patients.

In the clinic

Professionals & Staff  Promoting Healthy lifestyle choices in the clinicThe role of the receptionist or health promotion officer in introducing the Health Promoting Practices project is vital to its' success.

Information has been developed to support receptionists in introducing and discussing the HPP project with patients. Refer to the Practice Guide for further information. Read more


The Health Self-Assessment questionnaire encourages patients to consider their current health lifestyle choices and what their goals may be. It is designed for patients to complete on arrival at the clinic and becomes part of the medical record.

This questionnaire will help practitioners identify lifestyle risk factors of patients, and provide a focus for discussion i.e. which risk factors are relevant and what information the patient is interested in hearing about. Read more

Professionals & Staff  Promoting Healthy lifestyle choices in the clinicThe patient's completed Health Self-Assessment assists practitioners in identifying and discussing key healthy lifestyle messages relevant to that patient

Engaging in healthy lifestyle discussion with patients is intended to integrate into routine practice. Health Promoting Practices encourages:

  • Brief discussions (between one and five minutes)
  • Healthy lifestyle messages offered alongside the health information you already provide. Read more


Anticipated benefits of the Health Promoting Practices project

The implementation of the Health Promoting Practices project is directly relevant to Standard Two of the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards, which formalises the integration of patient-centred care into policy and processes.

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ConsumersEvaluating the effectiveness of the Health Promoting Practices framework

Health Promoting Practices is currently being piloted in five dental and five physiotherapy practices. We are enrolling patients from these clinics to help us evaluate the success of the Health Promoting Practices framework by asking them to complete a survey when they are first introduced to the Project, and again six months later. 

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