The patient's completed Health Self-Assessment assists practitioners in identifying and discussing key healthy lifestyle messages relevant to that patient

  • Professionals & Staff  Promoting Healthy lifestyle choices in the clinic

Engaging in healthy lifestyle discussion with patients is intended to integrate into routine practice:

The Health Promoting Practices framework encourages:

  • Brief discussions (between one and five minutes)
  • Healthy lifestyle messages offered alongside the health information you already provide
  • Healthy lifestyle messages offered to patients as determined by the health professional
    - only if and when appropriate for each patient
    - when time permits

Tips for a dentist

Tips for a physiotherapist

Patient Health Self-Assessment answers that rate as ‘high risk’ are priority areas for discussion between the practitioner and the patient. The Information Brochure for patients complements this discussion.

For health professionals, supporting information on each of the key messages, along with discipline-specific tips for discussing these with your patient can be found below. See the Practice Guide for further information.

When a patient presents for a subsequent appointment, the practitioner may, for example, follow up and see if the patient has made any lifestyle changes following the discussion at the last appointment.