Health Promoting Practices pilot project update

Much behind the scenes work is being done to finalise resources in preparation for the implementation of the Health Promoting Practices pilot project (HPP). The goal of the Project is to encourage patients to improve their health literacy and empower them to take charge of their own health and wellbeing.

The Project will provide a voluntary framework to help participating dentists and physiotherapists raise awareness of four key health areas including: healthy eating, physical activity, alcohol consumption and tobacco use, and encourage these patients to think about healthy lifestyle choices. It is anticipated that the project will assist practitioners in identifying risk factors and briefly discussing the key messages with each patient before referring them on to other health professionals, or referring them to additional information sources as appropriate.

This project is a joint research initiative of the Australian Dental Association Victorian Branch, the Australian Physiotherapy Association Victorian Branch, Dental Health Services Victoria and the Victorian Department of Health,funded by the Victorian Department of Health. The Health Promoting Practices pilot is a key action area in the Victorian State Government’s Healthy Together Victoria – Action plan for oral health promotion – 2013 -2017. More information will follow soon.

Alisha Jackson
Health Promoting Practices Project Officer